Valley gutter RKS 25

The element is installed at the point of concave contact of adjacent roof slopes. It drains water from the roof basket into the gutter.

Length 1200 mm
Thickness 0,5 mm
Material Sheet steel S280 galvanized Z275 with organic coatings
Quantity per package 10 pcs.
Colours 41
  • Advantage 1.Tightness at critical points - a series of holes for mounting the clips. Installation of the gutter without having to make holes in the drainage plane.
  • Advantage 2.No stress on the joints - one edge is narrower, so that there is no stress on the overlappings of the flashings.
  • Advantage 3.One-person assembly - flashing dimensions length = 1200 mm and factory-made mounting holes.
  • Advantage 4.The element can be dismantled and reinstalled without damaging it.
  • Advantage 5.Can be used for various types of roofing.
  • Advantage 6.Guarantee of compatibility and color consistency of all elements of the MOD System.