Lower barge flashing WD 150 L/R, WD 180 L/R

Element protecting the gable board.

Length 1200 mm
Height 150, 180 mm
Thickness 0,5 mm
Material Sheet steel S280 galvanized Z275 with organic coatings
Quantity per package 20, 20 pcs.
Colours 41
  • Advantage 1.Invisible screws - special mounting cups allow them to be masked when sliding in.
  • Advantage 2.The possibility of choosing the appropriate height of the gable flashing allows the element to be properly fitted to the rafters
  • Advantage 3.One-person assembly - flashing dimensions length = 1200 mm and factory-made ady mounting holes
  • Advantage 4.Additional adjustment during installation - longitudinal holes (beans)
  • Advantage 5.The element can be dismantled and reinstalled without damaging it
  • Advantage 6.A series of stiffening bends prevents rippling
  • Advantage 7.Can be used for various types of roofing